Licensing Terms

If you paid me in full you have the right to use the products and you agree that the rights to the products have only been granted to you.  You agree to not transfer, assign or sublicense your rights to use the products, photos, video or other media to anyone without the written permission of the copyright holder (Jason Stockton).  Your rights permit your use of photographs, videos, and other media for marketing purposes only including multiple listing services, however, your rights do not permit third parties to copy, display or distribute my work for the purpose of providing services competitive to our products unless I give you our written permission.  For real estate, these rights are valid indefinitely so long as you have the listing.  If you no longer have the listing you are giving up your rights to use the products.  If anyone asks you for the right to the products you agree to referent them to me.  If I agree to allow others to use the products an additional licensing fee may be required.  I agree to not use the products that interfere with your rights.  

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